Analytics Upgrade


✍ Project Overview

Unilever had an eCommerce app for wholesalers in their SEA and India markets. Unilever approached my team at AKQA to help them upgrade the existing analytics setup for this app from Firebase Analytics to Google Analytics. I was tasked to lead the project and ensure the client had a successful rollout.

My team and I hosted workshops with the regional development leads to get an understanding of what they needed to track and how they needed their data to be reported. We managed to work compile and work through a set of templates where we mapped the old data and its format to the format we would require for their new reporting tools.

We had initially begun the project with the intention to upgrade to Universal Analytics, but Google had release GA4 around the same time we were making our decision. We opted to switch to GA4 for the entire rollout (App + Website) once we determined the features would be best suited to what we wanted to achieve as an outcome for the project.

We managed to successfully help Unilever upgrade their analytics to GA4, and also managed to get enhanced eCommerce features implemented as well. These were previously left out as the previous team who consulted to Unilever didn't have the right expertise to incorporate the features.

Finally, once GA4 was implemented, we shifted our focus towards integrating external platforms with GA4 to help enhance the reports Unilever were compiling. This included integrating some CRM and personalization tools.

The final piece of the puzzle was to link all data to Unilever's data warehouse, and to create real-time dashboards using popular BI tools. These reports helped increase efficiencies and cut down reporting times for Unilever by a significant amount.

πŸ“š We Learned

  1. How to implement GA4 for SPA's and PWA's.
  2. How to integrate popular CRM's with Analytics reporting flows.
  3. How to link BigQuery to GA4.
  4. How to merge different data sources to create a single source of truth for reporting.
  5. How to create real-time dashboard solutions at scale.
  6. And much more...

Parties Involved

Client: Unilever

Analytics Consultant: Imran Sq

Data Engineers: Unilever SEA & Unilever India Development Teams

My Role: Project Director

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: PWA's, Google Analytics 4

Achievement: Upgraded Unilever's SEA and India markets from Firebase Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with Enhanced eCommerce for their PWA.