Proactive Idea

Project Overview

My Proactive Ideas Crew and I were working late one evening. We were brainstorming random ideas which we thought would be really fun to execute. This was one of the ideas which sprung up from this late night session. We wanted to increase the blood donor count in the Western Cape using only organic media and our blood donors app. We wanted existing donors to invite their friends to donate blood using a unique code generated by the user. This would be the beginning of their bloodline.

Users would be split into 3 tiers. The first tier was reserved for users you managed to sign up directly. The second tier was reserved for users who your direct affiliates had signed up as blood donors. The third tier was reserved for users who were signed up by your second tier affiliates. This 3 tier system was the basic outline for the bloodline.

Unfortunately this idea was never implemented due to budget constraints.

Parties Involved

Client: WP Blood

Designer: Manil Chiba

Proactive Ideas Crew: Manil Chiba, Jason Geldmacher, Lauren Spruyt, Xavier De Carvalho

My Role: Project Director

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Loyalty Programmes

What We Learned: How to build a virtual reality based mobile app, and how to create a loyalty programme for blood donors.