Clientèle Cares


Project Overview

Our client was struggling to convert users with their existing web properties. These web properties included a dedicated mobi website and a dedicated desktop website.

I presented a new wizard-type solution to my team in an effort to modernise the clients web properties, and to help increase web conversions. We identified one of the struggles to be a form which seemed endless when filling out. Our solution was to break this form into guided steps to help with the user experience. We wanted users to feel as though they were going on a journey, and not just filling out a form.

This was the basis for the Clientèle Cares platform.

Parties Involved

Client: Clientèle

Creative Director: Khensani Shivas

Developer: Alex Berua

My Role: UX Strategist

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: Guided Web Platforms & Web calculators.

Goal: Increase conversion rates.

We Learned: How to create a guided web platform with a very simple user experience. We were able to learn more about our users behaviour, which came in handy for our media team and their targeting efforts.