Proactive Idea

Project Overview

This idea sprung up when the Proactive Ideas Crew went and had a night out on the town. We were walking through the streets of Cape Town at night and were staggered by the homeless situation around us.

Doorways on the streets were filled with sometimes more than 5 people at a time. We decided that we wanted to use our skills to help raise awareness around the situation and get people to start helping out. We wanted to build a property site modeled off of the Airbnb design, where users would browse for a new place to stay. Each property image showcased a different doorway. Each property also had their own unique list of features. All of these properties would be listed for free.

Instead of being able to book a room or rent a home, the user was met with the story of the person who was living in the doorway being advertised. They would also be met with the option to either donate or volunteer.

Parties Involved

Client: NXT\ Proactive Ideas Crew

Designer: Jason Geldmacher

Proactive Ideas Crew: Manil Chiba, Jason Geldmacher, Lauren Spruyt, Xavier De Carvalho

My Role: Project Director

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: Property listing site experiences, and NXT\ Pay payment system for instant donations to charities.

Goal: Increase Awareness and Donor count for the homeless situation in South Africa

What We Learned: How to create a property listing website, brand design, and how to integrate a bespoke payment gateway with 3rd parties.