Product Development

✍ Project Overview

Effective digital marketing campaigns are driven by data and insights that are reliable and easy to understand. Marketers need a simple solution which gives them a detailed view of their audiences with actionable insights around how to use them and where to use them. I was tasked to build a solution with my team to cater to this need.

This led to the development of a platform that lets marketers use their website, app, or 1st party data to create easy to understand audiences for reporting and advertising purposes. All within a matter of minutes instead of months - helping marketers make more informed decisions faster.

πŸƒ Enter Limbic

Limbic is an intuitive tool that acts as an enabler for complex audience experiences and customer journey reporting. It comes with powerful measurement capabilities that will enable marketers to gain a far deeper understanding of their users, their behaviours, their interests, and their propensity to take meaningful actions. As an AI driven platform that handles all of the heavy lifting on a marketers behalf, it is a turnkey solution that requires very little human involvement to do its job. Limbic lets marketers free up their time so they can focus on making more of an impact in other key areas of the marketing team.

πŸ”’ Privacy First

Limbic has been built to work with pseudo-anonymised data only. Making it one of the most secure and superior options available. Marketers can rest easy knowing that they're using a system that is compliant with strict data privacy laws. This gives marketers the freedom to create safe, reliable, and rich audience segments for their advertising and reporting needs.

πŸ“ Enabling Personalization At Scale

With Limbic, marketers can improve your overall marketing customer experience through personalisation and remarketing with all major digital marketing platforms. They'll gain a better understanding of which experiences resonate best with their customers to inform their future personalisation strategies. Marketers use the Limbic API to serve rich customer experiences on their website or app. With the API, marketers can get information about a user’s interests and propensity to convert, and use it to deliver personalised content in real-time.

This means that Limbic gives marketers the power to serve their audiences a specific creative set, and then continue the conversation after they’ve engaged - without losing any of the context between ad and destination. A true enabler for private personalized experiences that help marketers connect with their users in more meaningful ways.

πŸ“š We Learned

  1. How to create a very efficient and cost-effective AI-powered audience platform.
  2. How to use more techinical features for popular advertising and analytics platforms.
  3. How to distribute 1st-party pseudo-anonymised data to multiple platforms.
  4. How to build a web crawler that detects a page or websites affinity by using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.
  5. How to analyze user behaviours.
  6. How to build propensity models.
  7. How to categorize interest segmentats.
  8. How to carry out personalization at scale.
  9. How to create a commercial strategy for an AI-based audience platform.
  10. And much more...

Parties Involved

Client: AKQA

Solutions Architect: Varun Kumar

Feature Consultant: Imran Sq

Executive Director: Chad Hudson

My Role: Product Director

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: AI & ML, IAAS Platforms, 1st Party Pseudo-Anonymized Data

Achievement: Created an automated platform that allows marketers to create actionable cross-platform audiences using pseudo-anonymized 1st-party data.