Product Development

Project Overview

Peerview is an incredibly versatile reporting tool I developed with my team at Freshive. It users real customer reviews to generate meaningful data which brands can leverage to improve their business. I helped identify new data points which could be incorporated into and analysed with this tool. I also consulted on the user experience and on the designs for the back-end of the reporting system.

Users would purchase a products and be prompted to complete a review after a few weeks of ownership. Once the customer has completed the purchase experience survey, they were then prompted to complete a product survey after they had experienced the product for a period of time. This data would then stream into our platform in real-time, helping us make critical decisions for the brand. As an example of the power of this platform, we were eventually able to track a users entire purchase journey.

We could tell whether they booked a test drive, where they completed the form (Facebook Ads or Web Property), when they completed the form, whether they test drove the vehicle, whether they bought the same vehicle they booked, whether they previously owned a vehicle, which dealer they interacted with, and much much more.

Parties Involved

Client: KIA Motors

Creative Director: Tebogo Motea

Developer: Kevin Deason

My Role: Product Manager

Project Facts

Innovative Use Of: Data mining, data analysis, and tracking users purchase behaviours.

Goal: Gather useful data and interpret it into actionable insights.

We Learned: We managed to pick out and leverage key contributors to different sales elements. We were able to profile our media audiences much better than before, resulting in increased conversion rates and a lower cost per conversion.